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product specification
Product name Intelligent communication glasses Bluetooth version  V5.0 frequency; rate 2.402-2.480GHz transmission power  Class2 Bluetooth mode HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP Ransmission distance About 15 meters Play duration 3-4hours Talk time 4-5hours Charging time 2-3hours Battery Lithium polymer 110mah Acceptance sensitivity  -40bdm Audio range 20Hz-20KHz degree of distortion <=0.2% 95dB Weight of single machine Flat glasses 41g / Sunglasses 43g Full set weight Flat glasses 141g / Sunglasses 143g working temperature -15°-55° Storage temperature -20°-65°

instruction for use
Power on: in the off state, press and hold the switch on key for 2 seconds, the blue light will flash, and the prompt tone will prompt "start up".

Shutdown: in the startup state, press and hold the on / off button for about 2 seconds, the red light flashes, and the prompt tone indicates "shut down".
Pairing and connecting
Pairing: in the power on state, until the red and blue indicator lights of the machine flash alternately, the machine is already in the pairing mode. Open Bluetooth of the device to be connected, search and connect to km Fran, and the machine will prompt "connection succeeded".
If Bluetooth is turned off, the machine will prompt "disconnected.
When the machine is turned on, there is no paired connected device, and the machine will shut down automatically after 2 minutes. "
Automatic connection: if the machine has been connected to Bluetooth once, the next time you turn on the machine, it will automatically connect with the Bluetooth device, and the prompt tone "connection succeeded".
Automatic loopback:
1. Within the range of connection, the paired bluetooth device will be automatically connected after starting up, and the prompt tone will prompt "pairing succeeded";
2 call, power off, call, standby, listening to music, away, the device (within 3 minutes) back to the range of connection, the prompt tone prompt "pairing success".
Language switching
After the machine is turned on, when there is no Bluetooth connection, press the on / off key twice to switch between Chinese and English.
Answer call / call number / hang up / reject / replay
Answer the phone: when calling, press the machine on / off button for a short time to answer the call.
Call number: when calling, the machine will automatically report the call number.
Hang up the phone: in a call or call, short press the machine on key once.
Refuse to answer a call: when calling, press and hold the machine on / off key for about 2 seconds.
Last call replay: double click on / off button in standby mode and listening mode.
 volume control
Volume increase: press the "+" button to increase the volume. When the volume is adjusted to the maximum level, the machine will prompt "maximum volume"
Press the volume down button.
Playing music / changing music adjust
When the machine is playing music: short press the on / off key once to pause the play, and then press the on / off key once again to continue playing.
Previous song: press and hold the "+" button to go up
Next song: long press the "- button to next song
Power query: when the machine is on, enter the Bluetooth of the device, and the current power can be displayed in the paired device.
Low power alarm: in various startup States, when the battery voltage is lower than 3.3V, the prompt tone will prompt "please charge".
Low power shutdown: in various startup States, when the battery voltage is lower than 3V, the machine will automatically shut down.
Charging: insert USB into the charging mode, the red light will be on for a long time, and the blue light will be on after full charge
matters needing attention
Please use this product correctly according to local laws and regulations, and keep enough attention to ensure safety.
In order to ensure your safety, please don't turn down the loud volume to listen to music in some environment which affects the safety.
The product must be used or played by children. Small parts may cause scratch or suffocation.
Please pay attention to use this product according to regulations in some special areas with warning instructions (such as hospitals, gas stations and environment with potential explosion danger)
Do not disassemble or damage the internal battery. Dispose of the waste battery according to local regulations.
Maintenance and maintenance
Please turn off the power when the machine is not in use.
Do not place the machine in liquid or wet places
Do not put the machine close to the fire source to avoid explosion
Do not hit the machine with  objects to avoid scratch or damage.
Please keep the machine in a dry place.


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