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Nail patch
For the first time using this baby nail, look here! ! !
Before you buy
This nail plate is universal, not customized
So the size is not all right, individual need to cut and polish!
A box of 24 nails of different sizes + glue
When using it, first select the right size and arrange it
If it is not suitable, use the file to polish it.
Buy any nail art kit
Jelly gel + nail file + alcohol cotton + wooden stick
Nail glue stickers have good water resistance, last for about a week, long-term wear, you can use a wooden stick for disassembly~ apply more glue to last longer~
The jelly glue sticker is generally waterproof and can be kept for 2 to 3 days, and can be directly removed at any time~ heating with a hair dryer is more durable~
1. You need to cut your own nails before sticking your nails.
2. There are numbers on the back of the nail, and the numbers are the fingertips. The thin end is the root and the thick end is the fingertip.
3. Novice babies are advised to practice their hands with jelly glue, which can be removed and worn at any time, without hurting the nails, and then paste with glue after familiarization.
4. The transparent section will reveal the color of its nails, and you want to choose the full-color section more naturally.
5. Some nails may be a little raised or missing, just polish with nails, not a quality problem.

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